MontyCafe - robot barrista

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  • 1.Coffee, drinks, candies
  • 2.In shopping mall, airpost, business centers
  • 3.Up to 60 cups an hour
  • 4.Fully autonoumos
From 20000 USD

GRAMMY - Robot consultant

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The best seller for your shop:

  • 1.Talk to clients
  • 2.Promote product on screen
  • 3.Navigate in shop
  • 4.Remote video call

Telepresence robot

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The best stand in for you:

  • 1.Free application
  • 2.For office, home or warehouse
  • 3.Best present for gadget lovers


Real mech robot 2.2 m height:

  • 1.Feel yourself in future
  • 2.Ideal for renting
  • 3.Unique design and accessories!
from 25 000 USD
autonomous delivery platform

MB101 - robot show

Interactive robot -
promoter with remote
control and
the most attractable

  • 1.Sociable
  • 2.Emotional
  • 3.Interact with visitors
  • 4.Attract the most attention
  • 5.Good looking

Price: 21000 Euro

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Robot Cheetah


  • 1.Attracts heightened attention of audience
  • 2.Advises costumers about your goods and services
  • 3.Recognizes your clients and gathers statistics.
  • Price - from 15 000 USD
robot cheetah

Logistic robot

Ideal solution:

  • 1.Autonoumus navigation
  • 2.Pin code lock
  • 3. Obstacles avoidance
12 000 USD
promo robot for events

SHELFY - ideal robot for retail RFID inventory

Reduce Cost graph

Inventory as easy as never before:

  • 1.3D automatic inventory
  • 2.Fast and easy detection of misplaced items
  • 3.Cost reduction in inventory taking

DLVR1 - delivery platform for office, warehouses, shops and pharmacies

Increase your efficiency:

  • 1.Fully autonomous
  • 2.Build map itself and navigate from point to point
  • 3.Up to 8 hours unstopable working
autonomous delivery platform

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